Learn with Two Rivers is a suite of videos and short social media assets created for Two Rivers PCS. The series is aimed at the educational community and introduces different thinking routines and the impact that "teaching thinking" has on teachers and students. 

The suite includes documentary-style videos for trainings as well as short-form promotional videos and animations. 

Client: Two Rivers Public Charter School 

The Benefits of Critical thinking & Problem Solving

The Benefits of Critical Thinking & Problem Solving is a documentary-style video about the impact that "teaching thinking" has on teachers and students.

Are you fed up with scantrons? Sick and tired of "drill and kill"? Rick Teacherly is selling a new kind of teaching and he wants you to buy.

This light-hearted 80's-style infomercial promotes Critical Thinking & Problem Solving to teachers and administrators.  

This short form animation introduces the three thinking routines utilized at Two Rivers PCS. This video is an example of the short animations created for shareable social media use.